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Case Study Library - SKPS

6″ Diesel Line Repair using Clock Spring Contour

A 6″ diesel line exhibited a pin hole leak at the 6 o clock position due to external corrosion. An immediate action is required to arrest…

4″,6″ & 8″ Riser Repair Offshore

riser repair offshore

An offshore oil producing platform had external corrosion on the length of its risers. The risers where repaired using Clock spring and coated with a suitable coating in addition to protecting the flanges in between…

24″ Repair of Sea Water Header Leak
(Tee Joint)

contour wrapping

A 24″ Tee joint sea water header had through wall metal loss and water leakage due to internal corrosion. Complete Configuration including branches was reinforced to arrest the leak by welding a 10″ pipe branching…

48″ Sea Water Header with Revit in 20mm Hole

48″ Sea Water header had a severe leak that needed to be sealed using a wooden rivet. Shutting down the lines was not an option. The proposed Clock Spring Contour repair can hold the leak for at least another 2 years…

36″ Pinhole Leak Repair on “SDV” using Clock Spring Contour

36″ Shut Down Valve with internal corrosion accumulated a “Pin Hole” leak. A repair solution was engineered to arrest the leak and seal the valve from any further leaking…

14″ Structural Reinforcement using Clock Spring Extended Snap Wrap

14″ structural beam supporting 4 x 8″ risers was found to have high corrosion spread across the whole structure and on all orientations. Reinforcement is required using “Extended Clock Spring – Snap Wrap”…

60” Main Water Transmission Line reinforced by Clock Spring

clockspring sleeves

After an intelligent pigging campaign, several locations exhibited external corrosion/pitting across several areas of the weld joints that required immediate attention to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline…

16″ Clamped – Shut Down Valve Sealed with Clock Spring Contour

16″ Shut down Valve suffering a through wall defect was sealed with a leak sealing clamp. Clamped are failed and required an immediate solution to avoid oil from seeping through…

2″ Nozzle Repair – Clock Spring Contour

During a routine inspection campaign for an off-shore oil producing company, a 2″ nozzle (from a 36″ main header) with internal corrosion was detected and needed immediate attention…

30” Clamp Clock Spring Contour composite wrapping Repair

Leak Sealing clamp was installed on the pipe to arrest the leak however due to pipe geome- try and weld configuration, the leak was not sealed properly and seepage was observed on both side of the clamp

8” External Corrosion using Clock Spring Composite Repair


An external corrosion was found at several locations at one of oil producer operator on 8” riser due to neoprene coating damage.

20” Leaking Header Line Repair

A 20” header line exhibited a pin hole leak at the 6’ o’clock position due to internal corrosion.

36” Carbon Steel “Sump Pile” Leak Repair using Clock Spring Contour Wrap

leak that eventually ended up being approximately 1” in diameter had started on the “Sump Pile” resulting from internal corrosion.

8” Riser Repair using Clock Spring and Contour

An external corrosion was found at several locations at one of oil producer operator on 8” riser due to neoprene coating damage.

24” NG Pipeline Repair

24” NG Pipeline Repa ir- Corrosion Prev ention Wrapping. Viscotaq Corrosion Prevention Wrapping on the interface areas between Metal & Composite Repairs.