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Connector Clamp - SKPS

The Connector Clamp is a repair clamp like many others but with a cleverly designed and simple overlapping feature which allows 2, 3 or an infinite number of clamps to be connected together. It is the first repair clamp that can be extended and connected in this way.

Product Details

1. RDS 12 L
2. RDS 31 L

The Connector Clamp is a 100% German product which guarantees an extremely high level of quality.
1. The seal is a moulded part, giving a typical tolerance range between 8mm and 12mm depending on the size of clamp.
2. Can cope with angular deflections of up to 3 degrees and can cope with a circumferential gap or ring fracture of up to 2cms.
3. The main body casting also has full side flanges where the bolts are fitted, so there are no lugs to snap or break off.


Measure the outside diameter of the pipe. Check that it falls within the range of the fitting. Then clean the area to be sealed thoroughly, removing any scale,
rust or debris.Lubricate the sealing gaskets with an appropriate, approved lubricant.Tighten the middle bolts to a low torque.Place the second clamp on the connecting ring part of the seal.Lubricate the sealing gaskets with an appropriate, approved lubricant. Tighten the middle bolts as before. (Repeat the process if more clamps are needed).