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Corrosion Inhibitor System

Effective Corrosion Protection

Zerust Oil & Gas technologies have been successfully implemented across refineries, oil rigs, pipelines and tank farms around the world. By combining our proprietary Zerust inhibitor formulations with some of the traditional corrosion mitigation methods in use today (cathodic protection, coatings, etc.), Zerust advanced technology yields several unique and innovative solutions that counter costly corrosion problems in the oil, gas, and process chemical industries. Solutions are provided for flanges, oil tanks, downhole, and more. For more information on Zerust Oil & Gas solutions such as Zerion, Flange Saver VCI covers, and Auto Fog.

Above Ground Storage Tanks

Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) are A Cost-Effective Way to Control Corrosion. Zerust Oil & Gas ReCAST Soil Side Bottom solutions provide a cost-effective means to mitigate underside corrosion of aboveground storage tanks while the tanks are in or out of service.

Pipeline Casing Protection

pipe casing protection

Zerust has developed a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors and gels that are injected into the annular pipe casing space. It protects the carrier pipeline both in direct contact, using Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors and also through VCI that protect the entire annulus vapor space.

Offshore Rigs & Platforms

rig stacking mothballing

Offshore platforms/rigs are “stacked” when taken out of operation; they may remain out of operation for several months or years. During this time the various structures on board and prone to severe corrosion and need to be protected. Inexpensive solution for aggressive environments

Equipment Preservation

long term packaging protection

Zerust ICT® 520-XF Film is innovative corrosion inhibiting material, that is twice as strong as any standard polyethylene material of the same thickness. Zerust ICT® 520-XF Film is also lightweight, tear-resistant and impermeable to water.

Spare Parts Protection

kraft packaging

Zerust rust preventatives and coatings range from effective water-based solutions to greases designed to give stand-alone protection, even in aggressive outdoor environments. Zerust VCI packaging solutions in manufacturing processes, storage and shipping applications.

Retail Gas Stations

VCI Emitters emit powerful Zerust corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure that settle on metal surfaces and protect them from corrosion. They are safe for electronics, odorless*, non-toxic*, residue-free, and are designed to work in restricted spaces.