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Flange Protection System - SKPS


The Flange Protection system consists of the VISCOSEALANT in combination with the EZ WRAP to stop corrosion between the flange faces of onshore and offshore applications. The system provides a seal that is not affected by vibrations of the pipeline, movements, freeze/thaw, expansion & contraction. VISCOTAQ is hydrophobic; therefore water intake and water vapor permeability are very low. VISCOTAQ is non-toxic, contains no VOC’s and adheres aggressively to most all surfaces such as steel, PE, epoxies, tar, stainless, aluminum, etc. The result is a long-term corrosion prevention system and a maintenance-free solution for many years. The coating remains in intimate contact with the substrate creating an impermeable homogeneous corrosion prevention coating.


  • Minimum surface preparation should be SSPC-SP2 (Hand Tool Clean).
  • Once loose materials are removed, clean surface with denatured alcohol or acetone to remove any remaining dust, grease and moisture.
  • Surface of the substrate should be 5°F+ above the dew point.
  • Keep the working area clean and dry. Avoid the presence of water.


  • VISCOSEALANT is to be applied into the void between the flange faces. Protect flange neck with a removable tape in order not to pollute the neck with the VISCOSEALANT.
  • For optimum application of VISCOSEALANT, preheat material to 35°C/90°F.
  • Inject the VISCOSEALANT into the space between the flange faces around the complete circumference of the flange.
  • Dependable upon the flange class and type, a flexible nozzle can be used to better penetrate the flange aperture.


  • Remove the protective tape on the neck and apply one layer of EZ WRAP over the complete circumference of the flange.
  • Overlap EZ Wrap at least 5 cm/2’’. A roller may be used to ensure adhesion.
  • In case the flange neck does not match the width of the EZ WRAP, apply separate wraps in such a way that the circumference overlap between the two wraps is always a minimum 1”. Termination of wraps to be staggered. Install cap on nut and bolt.