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Our products are designed to provide structural reinforcement, leak repair, and corrosion prevention for commercial and industrial pipes. Clock Spring’s products are endorsed by peer review and third party testing.

VISCOTAQ is a patented unique viscous-elastic amorphous a-polar polyolefin for the protection against corrosion of underground and aboveground substrates in the pipeline industry

Protectoseal has been an industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of quality products that conserve and control volatile emissions and protect low pressure storage tanks, vessels and processes from fire and explosion

RPR Technologies and the German distributor . As a result of the pending GreenTank Project co-funded by the ECO-Innovation initiative of the European Union, new environmental friendly, fast and cost efficient solutions for coatings removal by induction in storage tanks will be presented.

APS also offers quality safety products manufactured to meet their customers’ needs to protect personnel, equipment, and the environment.

VIP is a leading research and development company specialising in advanced new coating technologies for the protection of concrete, steel, timber, fibreglass, and many other substrates against corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical attack.