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Our Products - SKPS

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness Gage all measure using the Multiple-Echo Technique for accurate error-checked metal thickness measurements. This uses multiple pulses, providing verified thickness readings and allowing coatings up to 0.787 inch (20 mm) thick to be ignored. read more!

Tank Vents & Flame Arresters

Vapor & Flame control equipment and fuel tank caps designed to ensure plant and personal safety, environmental protection and efficient operations. Vents that are specifically designed to prevent storage tank damage by relieving internal pressure and vacuum accumulations that occur as a result of day-to-day more!

Industrial Outsource Products

SKPS is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water & wastewater, oil & gas, and industrial & mechanical pipeline products. skps also offers quality safety products manufactured to meet their customers’ needs to protect personnel, equipment, and the more!

IBC Tanks

Plastic IBCs, also known as an intermediate bulk containers, or plastic totes, holds the same capacity as multiple 55-gallon drums in less space. Plastic IBC tote sizes range from 275 gallons all the way up to 330 more!

Speed Humps & Parking

We are supplier for rubber products range for marine and building protection. We are committed to provide our customers with excellent quality product, tested and approved by distinguished laboratories and concerned government agencies as per customer more!