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Pipeline & Piping Repair Services

As experts in the field of pipeline and piping repairs, SKPS is involved in every stage of implementation and operation, including business requirement definition… read more!

HP Plunge Pump

The best industrial high-pressure pumps in the cleaning industry. Quality. Long life, minimal maintenance and high reliability are SKPS pumps’ normal performances… read more!

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Cathodic Protection Auditing and Monitoring, Design, Supervision of Installation, Project Management and Commissioning, Pipe-to-Soil Potential Data Logging for DCT rreactionInterference… read more!

Tank Vents & Flame Arresters

Vents that are specifically designed to prevent storage tank damage by relieving internal pressure and vacuum accumulations that occur as a result of day-to-day operations … read more!

Surface Preparation Specialists

The induction disbonder works by the principle of induction. Heat is generated in the steel substrate and the bonding is broken…. read more!

General Services

SKPS is specialised and experienced in pipeline utility services and supplies.
read more!

Viscous Elastic Coating

VISCOTAQ® is a worldwide patented viscous elastic pipeline technology coating that is used for corrosion prevention of pipelines … read more!