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Inspection & Monitoring Systems - SKPS

Cathodic Protection / Remote Monitoring

SKPS is a company with global experience that operates to the highest technical standards in the fields of cathodic protection, pipeline electrical interference (a.c. and d.c.), indirect and direct assessment surveys, rehabilitation (including coating solutions) and traction system stray currents. From its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the company is well placed for access to all domestic, European and overseas markets.

  • CP troubleshooting
  • Review of existing CP designs and operational history
  • Soil analysis and resistivity surveys
  • Stray current/CP interference surveys
  • CP maintenance contracts
  • Remote Monitoring

DC Stray Current Interference

  • Specification Review & Consultancy
  • Surveys
  • Mitigation Measures
  • Strategy Documents

AC Interference

  • Modelling & Calculations
  • Surveys

Pipeline Rehabilitation

  • Risk / Priority Matrix Development
  • Coating Evaluation & Repairs
  • ASME B31:G Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) Calculations

Consultancy Services

  • Expert Witness
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Training of Client Personnel

(ECDA) Cathodic Protection Design, Supervision of Installation, Project Management, and Commissioning

  • CP Design surveys
  • Design of CP system
  • Preparation of tender documents and adjudication of tenders or Turnkey installation of CP systems depending on clients’ requirements
  • Commissioning and hand over to the client Pipe-to-Soil Potential Data Logging for DCT raction Interference Studies
  • Analysis of stray current profiles
  • Recommendation of corrective measures

External Corrosion Direct Assessment & Training (ECDA)

  • Analysis according to NACERP0502
  • Customized software
  • Integrity options

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) Survey for External Coating Integrity Assessment

  • Location of pipeline coating defects
  • Recommendation of corrective action where necessary
  • External assessment of coatings using DCVG, CIPS and other techniques and/or appropriate combination of techniques
  • GPS Surveys Overline Surveys
  • PCM
  • ACVG
  • Depth of Cover
  • GPS

Internal Camera Inspection

  • Pipeline preparation for camera inspection
  • Pipeline cleaning services for camera inspection
  • CCTV camera inspection – range of cameras including intrinsically safe cameras

Waveform Analysis

  • Analysis of waveform as a function of distance
  • Understanding stray current or interference effects using wave form analysis

Specialized Engineering Services

  • Stress related studies of pipe structures
  • Fluid-structure interactions, including stresses associated with flow through valves and other pipe fittings
  • Pipe buckling analysis
  • Pipe foundation and other soil structure interaction problems
  • Design and analysis of water retaining structures
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Pipeline design