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Tank vents and flame arresters - SKPS


Tank Vents

Vapor & Flame control equipment and fuel tank caps designed to ensure plant and personal safety, environmental protection and efficient operations

pressure vaccum breather vent

Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vents

Vents that are specifically designed to prevent storage tank damage by relieving internal pressure and vacuum accumulations that occur as a result of day-to-day operations (filling, emptying and atmospheric temperature changes). These products also minimize product evaporation losses.

Emergency Pressure Relief Vents

Emergency Vents are designed to prevent the catastrophic rupture of a storage tank by relieving the internal pressure accumulation caused by external fire involvement of the tank.

500 Ppm Pressure Relief Vents

PIN-TECH® Pressure Vents are designed and tested to address concerns about the leakage of fugitive emissions prior to set poin

pressure relief vent
inline flame arresters

Flame And Detonation Arresters

Flame and Detonation Arresters provide a positive barrier against the propagation of a flame through a piping system or into a storage tank’s vapor space.

CE Marked Flame Arresters

Flame and Detonation Arresters that conform to European Standard EN12874.

Tank Blanketing Valves

Blanketing Valves sense the pressure in a tank’s vapour space and regulate a supply of pressurised inert gas into the tank so that the desired pressure range may be consistently maintained.

Liquid Level Indicators

Liquid Level Indicators are used for accurate liquid level gauging of fixed or floating roof storage tanks. Suitable for water, oils, solvents and other products.

tank blanketing valve and liquid level gauges

Specialty TankVents Fittings

Miscellaneous equipment required for the safe and efficient operation of storage tanks and related processing facilities.

  • Air Dryers
  • Gauge Hatches
  • Internal Safety Valves
  • Overflow Valves
  • Water Drain Valves