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Desalination Plant Fewa Al Zawra UAE

By asseesh on Oct 16

Desalination Plant Fewa Al Zawra UAE

VIP QuickSpray Industrial W was approved for the modifications to the SWRO Pre-treatment plant at Al Zawra. The original specifications called for a non-toxic solvent free potable water approved epoxy.

After comparing the physical properties the consultant chose VIP`s solution over the original epoxy specified. VIP QuickSpray Industrial W provided not only excellent corrosion protection but also additional benefits over the epoxy system such as very high tensile strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, elongation and superior crack bridging properties.

Project Desalination Plant Fewa Al Zawra
Surface 462.000 sqm
Location Al Zawra / UAE
System applied Quick Spray Industrial W
Consultant Federal Water Authority and
Electricity, UAE
Construction Contractor VWS Emirates LLC & Essa
Engineering & Marine Services
Applicator Tekncoat Engineering, P.O. Box:
30303, Dubai – UAE
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