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Metro Tunnel Helsinki Finnland

By asseesh on Oct 19

Metro Tunnel Helsinki Finnland

The Helsingin Metro Authority had extensive problems with water ingression in their tunnel network. It was, therefore, searching for an internal waterproofing system to control the flow of water in ingression areas and to waterproof the ceiling and walls permanently. On this basis TEKE OY the VIP approved applicator for Finland advised the use of Polyurea as a new variant for permanent waterproofing in existing metro tunnels. It was also deemed appropriate for any new tunnel developments for Helsinkis new metro lines.

To save time and money the customer choose the use of  QuickSpray Industrial (aromatic) a 100% Polyurea 2-K coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology.

Work was carried out in 3 easy steps:

  1. The tunnel ceilings and walls were cleaned and blasted simultaneously with the Sponge Jet System to SA 3 grade.
  2. Any water ingression areas were afterward treated with TEKE’s special crystallization method.
  3. Afterwards, the aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray fast was applied by Graco Reactor HX-P2 Hotspray machine.

These steps could be completed in a very short space of time. By using the Polyurea System the application could be done in steps in the short closing periods during the night, without disrupting the normal Metro traffic.


Project Metro Tunnel Helsinki Finnland
Surface 8.000 sqm
Location Helsinki / Finnland
System applied Quick Spray Industrial
Client Helsingin Metro OY, Helsinki
Applicator TEKE OY, Valkeala
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