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Smoke-Gas Chimney at Power Plant, Finland

By asseesh on Oct 18

Smoke-Gas Chimney at Power Plant, Finland

The Vattenfall Europe Generation AG was searching for a new system for sealing and coating tanks on the inside with a high degree of abrasion resistance against the abrasive mixture of chalk and water. On an already coated tank, where the old coating partly became delaminated, the choose to have an area of 40 m² freshly coated to evaluate the new Quickspray Industrial LSE (aromatic). RIW as preferred Applicator was available at short notice to do the repair even in harsh winter conditions. To save time and money the customer choose QuickSpray Industrial LSE (Non stick version with low surface energy), a 100% Polyurea 2-K Hot Spray Coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology.

Work was carried out in three easy steps:

  1. The repair areas were sandblasted as per SA 2 ½ to 3 grade and any imperfections were filled using VIP’s QuickFill pure Polyurea repair material 600ml cartridges.
  2. To increase adhesion QuickPrime 1K PU was rolled on.
  3. After just 30 minutes flash of the aromatic Polyurea was applied at 2-3mms thickness to the primed repair areas on the wall by use of a Graco Reactor HX-P2 hotspray machine.

These steps could be completed successfully in a very short space of time. By using QuickSpray Industrial LSE (aromatic) the work could be carried out even at -5° C outside temperature and -2° C surface temperature. This way the tank could be filled again as planned.

Project Smoke-Gas Chimney at Power Plant, Finland
Surface 600 sqm Steel Chimney
Location Jyväskylä Power Plant / Finnland
System applied QuickFill
QuickPrime 2K-Epoxy SF
QuickSpray Industrial
Client Jyväskylä Energian, Jyväskylä
Applicator TEKE OY, Valkeala
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