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Surface Coating for Amphitheatre Qatar

By asseesh on Oct 23

Surface Coating for Amphitheatre Qatar

Al Ali Projects required a fast curing surface coating system with superior tensile strength, no cracking and stable features for the coating and joint sealing of the concrete surfaces in a new Amphitheatre. Lack of time and extreme durability favored QuickSpray Industrial (aromatic), a 100% Polyurea 2-part Coating-System derived from a reaction of Isocyanate and Amine terminated resin

Processing took place in 3 steps:

  1. Concrete was sandblasted and cleaned of any residues that may have an effect to bonding.
  2. QuickFill and QuickPrime 2-K Epoxy SF applied.
  3. The aromatic Polyurea QuickSpray applied with Graco XP-2 high-pressure spray units.

The complete process of surface preparation, application of base coat was successfully completed in 2 months.

Project Surface Coating for Amphitheatre Qatar
Surface 8.500 sqm
Location Qatar
System applied QuickFill
QuickPrime 2-K Epoxy SF
QuickSpray Industrial
Construction Contractor Al-Ali Projects Co. W.L.L
Client Private Engineering Office
Applicator HiTech Projects W.L.L
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