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Rig Stacking/Mothballing - SKPS

Rig Stacking mothballing


  1. Offshore platforms/rigs are “stacked” when taken out of operation; they may remain out of operation for several months or years. During this time the various structures on board and prone to sever corrosion and need to be protected.
  2. Zerust’s unique AutoFog VCI sachets are placed in a 3-Dimensional grid pattern within the structures and sealed. The VCIs diffuse from the sachets and mitigate corrosion.
  3. Zerion FVS sleeves are placed at the bottom to neutralize any accumulated water.


With a wide range of rust removers, protective oils/greases, non-contact vapor diffusing capsules, auto-fogging capsules, corrosion inhibiting packaging products and on-site technical support the Zerust suite is your one-stop destination for all your mothballing needs.


  1. Fast-acting corrosion protection
  2. Easy-to-use, with no need for additional mechanical fogging equipment
  3. Quick/simple installation and removal with minimal training
  4. Inexpensive solution for aggressive environments
  5. Highly effective and unique