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Cathodic protection

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection of steel rebar in concrete is increasingly recognised as an effective and efficient way of prolonging critical structures particularly in corrosive environments. BAC not only offers a full turnkey engineering and design service but also a full range of products from our Infinity Power, monitoring and control units, mixed metal oxide anodes, reference electrodes and LPR probes and meters.

BAC can cater for every part of your Cathodic Protection requirements. With BAC as your manufacturer you are dealing with experienced professionals who understand the quality and diversity of products required by our customers. BAC produce a bespoke or standard range of Transformer Rectifiers, test and survey equipment, Impressed Current Anodes, Galvanic Anodes, Junction Boxes, Test Posts, Reference Electrodes, Cables, Isolation and Surge Protection devices and all associated accessories and tools to offer a one stop CP shop solution.

  • MMRASupply of CP Materials for Pre-stressed concrete pipes,
  • MTL (China Harbour)CP design, supply, (with remote monitoring and control) and commissioning at MTL Container Port