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Flange Preservation & Protection

Zerust Transparent Flange savers

Flange, valve and welded-joint corrosion costs clients millions annually and the complex geometry of flanges prevents effective surface preparation and coating which can lead to frozen nuts and bolts, weakened weld joints, and loss of containment. Zerust TFS is a transparent UV-resistant film with proven Vapor Corrosion In- hibitors (VCIs) for corrosion protection up to four years, even in severe outdoor exposure.


  • Quick and easy installation and replacement
  • Minimal surface preparation before installation
  • No electrical devices or heating equipment required
  • No special training or certification required for installation
  • Transparent film allows for visual monitoring of corrosion and/or leaks

Product Applications

Flanges, Valves, Welded-joints, Offshore Platforms & Rigs, FPSOs, Jetties, Welded-joints & More


  • Flange Corrosion – especially of the nuts and bolts – can cause the joint to ‘freeze’
  • Disassembling the flange to conduct maintenance, add/remove equipment, blind specific pipelines, etc. can cause significant delays
  • Expansion of the joint due to corrosion build up can lead to pipeline leaks
  • The complex flange geometry does allow for easy surface preparation or effective coating protection
  • Long term weakening of the pipe welds due to corrosion can also lead to pipeline leaks
  • The flanged joint may not “leak” – but will increase annual maintenance costs and could attract regulatory fines


  • Zerust’s proven VCI film is shaped into a custom shape to fit standard flanges and valves
  • Zerust Flange Savers are a unique product that protect the entire flange assembly –the nuts, bolts, weld joints and flange faces – from corrosion in aggressive environments
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Flange Saver material is durable enough to last for 2+ years of tough service on offshore platforms and in tropical outdoor environments
  • Zerust Flange Savers are in specifications at Petrobras for use on all their offshore platforms