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Pipe Supports

Pipe Supports

Clock Spring Pipe Support provides effective protection at support or hang locations and can be applied quickly and easily requiring no special tools or training. The composite sleeve forms a wear surface to protect the pipe from wear and corrosion. Clock Spring Pipe Supports are a high-strength corrosion-resistant fiberglass and resin composite sleeve, a high-performance adhesive, and filler material.

The composite sleeves are uniquely shaped and sized to wrap around pipe diameters of .75 inches (19 mm) and larger. The full encirclement design of the support provides a wear surface and eliminates the potential for crevice corrosion at the pipe/support interface.


  • Protecting coating from abrasion
  • Ensuring no water collecting at contact points
  • Minimizing or extending re-inspection intervals required by regulatory authorities
  • Reducing the need for lifting heavy equipment during re-inspection periods
  • Sized to wrap tightly around pipe with a ¾” to 56” diameter
  • Designed with a pre-cured sleeve
  • Contains three individual layers with architecture appropriate for pipe diameter
  • Installed without disruption to operations
  • Eliminates crevice corrosion
  • Designed with unique “wrap-around” shape
  • Requires no special tools for install
  • Meets regulatory requirements for above-ground atmospheric corrosion evaluation