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Underside Injection Solution-SSB


  1. ReCAST SSB systems can be replenished while the tank is in operation.
  2. Can be combined with simple monitoring procedures to ensure effectiveness of the solution.
  3. Corrosion protection for voids and interstices that are impossible to protect with other methods.
  4. Protection for tank bottom plates and welds with little to no surface preparation. Innovative and cost effective.
  5. VCIs offer non-permanent corrosion protection at the molecular level that is safe and eco-friendly.
  6. VCI dispersion ensures uniform distribution across the tank bottom.
  7. Maintenance time is significantly reduced.


  1. Soil Side Bottom (SSB) corrosion of a tank that is in or out of service and has a concrete, bitumen, compacted sand or soil foundation.
  2. The opportunity costs when storage tanks are out of operation can be crippling.
  3. Tank operators have to suspend operations in order to complete patchwork repairs, or replace the entire bottoms.
  4. Storage tank leaks caused by bottom plate corrosion are hazardous to the environment.


Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) Are A Cost-Effective Way to Control Corrosion. Zerust Oil & Gas ReCAST Soil Side Bottom solutions provide a cost-effective means to mitigate underside corrosion of aboveground storage tanks while the tanks are in or out of service. Whether tank single or double bottoms rest on compacted sand, concrete, soil or bitumen, Zerust Oil & Gas has a solution to extend the serviceable life of these assets. Listed below are Zerust’s methods of introducing a VCI to the tank bottom environment, based on the design of the foundation and whether the tank is in service or out of service.


Zerust’s ReCAST-SSB Underside Injection solution is designed for tanks with compacted sand fill and Release Prevention Barriers (RPBs) , Double Bottoms with sand between the old and new floors, or tanks sitting on a hard pad such as concrete or asphalt.The tank chime is sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture and contaminants. Low-viscosity inhibitor slurry is pumped through designated ring wall ports into the sand bed. As the slurry flows throughout the entire sand bed, the SCIs effectively neutralize contaminants on contact. Conversely, the VCIs emitted by the slurry migrate and absorb onto the metal surface.The VCIs permeate the sand bed through capillary action and gravity, providing protection to the entire tank floor.

Underside Injection Solution-SSB

Ethanol production plant experiencing severe SSB corrosion; 24+ tanks being addressed

soil side bottom corrosion

Concrete foundation pads are being prepared for inhibitor injection

Underside Injection Solution

Short grooves cut into the concrete to allow inhibitor injection pipe installation

Underside Injection Solution-SSB

Tank chime prepared and sealed; valve connected to inhibitor injection pipe

Underside Injection Solution-SSB

Zerion FVS – B-15 inhibitor powder being mixed with water to create inhibitor slurry

tank chime repair

Inhibitor slurry injected into tank SSB space to protect against corrosion