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Anti Corrosion Epoxy Coating

All Humidur® products are two-component solvent-free epoxy coatings, developed and solely produced by Acotec. The product was initially developed to stop underwater heavy marine corrosion. Since its first application in 1984, the product is claim-free until today.

  • Heavy-duty performance and outstanding properties
  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • Environmentally friendly


Humidur® FP is the product in the Humidur® product range with the highest chemical resistance. This Norsok M-501 approved product is mostly used for marine applications, on offshore structures, for the corrosion treatment of storage tanks, reservoirs and pipelines in petrochemical environment, and many more. This product can be applied by brush, pump (single, plural, airless) and by a caulking variant.


Humidur® ME is the 35-year proven product in marine environments. This product is developed upon request of the Belgian government to stop underwater heavy marine corrosion, even MIC, ALWC and biological forms of aggressive corrosion. It is suitable for an extended range of structures in salt, brackish, fresh, potable and drinking water. It can be applied by brush or spray.


Humidur® WF22 coatings specifically for the needs and challenges of the wind turbine industry. Based on Acotec’s proven and sustainable all-weather offshore coating technology, Humidur® WF22 delivers durable protection against aggressive humidity and seawater exposure. It shields the steel from UV radiation and light reflections from the weather and sea. Humidur® WF22 also protects the transition piece (TP) that is subject to splashes on the high tidal zone, where the structure endures mechanical impacts and waves.
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