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Cathodic Protection

SKPS can cater for every part of your Cathodic Protection requirements.  standard range of Transformer Rectifiers, test and survey equipment, Impressed Current Anodes, Galvanic Anodes, Junction Boxes, Test Posts, Reference Electrodes, Cables, Isolation and Surge Protection devices and all associated accessories and tools to offer a one stop CP shop solution.


Underground & coated metallic pipelines benefit for cathodic protection by reducing external corrosion to almost zero. This results in a longer life span of the pipeline and increasing the ROI for the pipeline owner. Ducorr’s modular PIPEPRO impressed current cathodic protection system(ICCP) is an all in one system that can be used to protect pipelines of different sizes and lengths. This new way of deploying cathodic protection enhances ease of installation and use. As an installation contractor, the PIPEPRO will significantly reduce the time to install. As an end user, it will reduce your preventative maintenance requirements. Contact us to learn more on the system and to request Performance Specifications.


BAC designs and supplies Impressed Current and Galvanic Cathodic Protection systems to a wide range of offshore and marine structures including, piers, jetties platforms, jackets, sheet and tubular piling. Care is always to taken to consider overall installation costs, design lifetime and ongoing maintenance and monitoring costs when designing a solution for our clients. BAC also has a long history of protecting a wide range of maritime vessels from pleasure craft to oil tankers to the latest fast ferry designs – we can provide a solution.

Pin Brazing

Within all petrochemical and Industrial facilities storage tanks, flow lines, vessels, drains, foundation structures and well casings all require and benefit from the application of CP and corrosion control systems. BAC can design, manufacture and install systems for the most complex industrial plant areas, storage tanks farms and process plant often working within space constraints and dealing with interaction and isolation issues that need attention at design and installation stage to ensure successful operation.

Steel in Concrete

Cathodic Protection of steel rebar in concrete is increasingly recognised as an effective and efficient way of prolonging critical structures particularly in corrosive environments. BAC not only offers a full turnkey engineering and design service but also a full range of products from our Infinity Power, monitoring and control units, mixed metal oxide anodes, reference electrodes and LPR probes and meters.
>> MMRA Supply of CP Materials for Pre-stressed concrete pipes, Libya.

>> MTL (China Harbour) CP design, supply, (with remote monitoring and control) and commissioning at MTL Container Port, Hong Kong.


BAC Systems protect thousands of kilometres of pipelines worldwide. From high pressure gas transmission and distribution networks through to water, oil and product pipelines in every corner of the globe. Whether you have a new build project or an aged asset in need of rehabilitation BAC can survey, design, supply and install a system to meet your requirements.

>> National Grid Supply of CP Power Supplies, Gas transmis- sion pipeline network upgrade, UK.

>> GAMA CP Supply and commissioning, Disi Water Project,

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