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Viscotaq Casing Filler 95°C

Viscotaq Casing Filler 95 is delivered to the casing in a “Heat Traced ISO Tank” container pumped in liquid form. The liquid form is only to enable the product to flow into the annulus. Once it is in and left to cool down, it will turn into its natural Viscous Elastic state: Not Solid, not liquid but viscous and will not dry up. Viscotaq Casing Filler 95 will also prevent internal corrosion of the casing pipe from Cathodic Protection currents (Due to the high electric insulation resistance preventing pass of electric currents). The Viscoaq Casing Filler 95 has high specific electrical insulation resistance which prevents the passing of electrical currents.


VISCOTAQ® is a non-crystalline a-polar viscous elastic solid polyolefin for corrosion prevention & waterproofing of underground and aboveground substrates. The compound remains in intimate contact with the substrate creating an impermeable homogeneous waterproof seal. When injected, the filler is a very effective solution for preventing corrosion of steel pipelines in steel casings. The expected water/Oxygen that is will cause corrosion of the operational steel pipeline and will also cause internal corrosion of the casing pipe. That is why we fill the annulus between the casing pipe and the operational pipe with VISCOTAQ CASING FILLER injection.


Install end seal and secure it with 4 ratchet straps per end seal (2 on casing and 2 on carrier pipe). The clamps have to be on the 3 and 9 o’clock position and need to be placed touching each other, with the clamp to be placed over the band of the adjacent ratchet strap. Backfill at each end with sand and up to 1 meter above the casing pipe and compact it, in order to support and hold the link-seals in place during and after filling of the casing. Injection Filler can then be pumped down into the annulus.
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