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Casing end seal System

The Viscotaq® Casing End Seal System is based upon the use of the Viscotaq® Viscopaste in combination with the Viscotaq® Viscowrap and the Viscotaq® PU Composite Wrap. The system is applied to prevent water infiltration and corrosion where the carrier pipe enters the casing pipe. Viscotaq® is a non crystalline a polar viscous elastic solid polyolefin coating for corrosion prevention of underground and aboveground substrates. Viscotaq® molecular chemistry is unique and designed in such a way that the viscosity gives it permanent wetting characteristics and the elasticity of the product provides the strength and feeling of a solid. The Viscotaq® compound bonds to the substrate by means of Vander Waals principals, penetrating the pores and anomalies of the substrate. The coating remains in intimate contact with the subs trate creating an impermeable homogeneous corrosion prevention coating.

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