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Field Joint Coating

VISCOTAQ® Viscowrap HT is an amorphous (non-crystalline) a-polar viscous elastic solid polyolefin coating in roll form used for the protection of under and aboveground substrates against corrosion. VISCOTAQ® VISCOWRAP is a 2-layer system that consists of a corrosion protective inner wrap and mechanical protective outer wrap or outer coating. VISCOTAQ® has proven to be non shielding due to its van der Waals bonding on molecular level and its amorphous nature forming a continuous coating. VISCOTAQ® is a unique viscous-elastic non crystalline a-polar polyolefin for the protection of shaped and non-shaped substrates. VISCOTAQ® offers the pipeline industry an unrivaled technology when it comes to corrosion prevention. Unlike other coatings VISCOTAQ® always has a permanent and intimate contact with the surface of a substrate. 

Viscowrap HT

ViscoWrap HT is an amorphous, apolar, visco-elastic, semi-solid, polyolefi n coating for corrosion prevention of underground and aboveground substrates for high temperatures. It is part of the Viscotaq coating system which consists of a corrosion protective inner layer (Viscowrap HT) and a mechanical protective outer layer. This coating system offers exceptional corrosion prevention and waterproofing for a variety of substrates.

PVC Outer Wrap

Viscotaq® PVC Outer Wrap is a Heavy Duty PVC in the form of a roll. The tape is used as an Outer Wrap for the mechanical protection of Viscotaq® products against soil stress, back fill procedures and other forms of mechanical impact. Furthermore, it provides a continuous external pressure to the Viscotaq® corrosion prevention inner material and accelerates the process of the formation of a homologue continuous inner coating.

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