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Snap Wrap

SnapWrap™ is a multi-layered system of high-strength, corrosion-resistant fiberglass that forms a composite split sleeve. Designed for repair and reinforcement in tight quarters, on pipe that is difficult to access, and on subsea pipe, it is installed with a high-performance adhesive and filler material and works best on pipe operating to <1,000 psi.

This multi-layered high-strength, corrosion-resistant sleeve is coated internally with a high-performance adhesive and filler material combination designed to bond with the mother pipe. For underwater repairs, a diver can swim to the subsea pipe, place the prepared lightweight SnapWrap sleeve on the pipeline and secure it until it is properly cured for a durable repair. The diver can return to the surface for the next section and continue the process until the damaged pipe is completely restored.

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