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Water Proofing Sealant

VISCOSEALANT is a viscous elastic non hardening caulking compound for waterproofing and corrosion prevention. The material can be used for corrosion protection of above ground flanges, as a waterproof seal at ring wall tanks and for water proofing cable and pipe penetrations. VISCOSEALANT provides for a water proof and gas restrictive seal. The material is available in cartridges of 12 oz./310 ml and 30 oz./1 liter.

  • Temperature range -42,9° C/-45,26° F up to +50° C/+120° F
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 50° C/+120° F
  • Application temperature > +5° C/+41° F
  • Surface preparation free of loose particles, dust, debris.
waterproofing sealant


  • viscous elastic behavior during filling: the viscous component is dominant during filling and allows for flow around and in between the pipes, while the elastic component takes over when the material is in place; therefore no dripping or running can occur.
waterproofing sealant


  • Waterproofing cable and pipe penetrations. Sealing penetrations at vault system for control valves. Multiple cables in one sleeve.